Letter Shop & Fulfillment Services

Dove Direct can help you reach more customers and increase your ROI with our robust and flexible letter shop and fulfillment services. Whether you require printing, mailing, publishing, transactions, invoicing, collections, or association communications, we offer a single source to efficiently and effectively manage your mailing projects, from address integrity to mail fulfillment.

Address Labeling

We have extensive experience in creating address labels that are recipient-friendly, demographic-specific, and that contain the pertinent information you require to reinforce your marketing materials


Our accurate, fast and reliable collating services ensure that your presentations, trade shows, and other marketing projects contain all the materials you need to make the right impression

Customized Addressing

Avoid this time consuming but effective task with our customized addressing service that adds a personal touch to your literature, invitations and special correspondence


Take advantage of our custom cutting service to help you create eye-catching and dynamic posters, signs, banners and graphic materials


From a simple letter fold to a complex 8-page cross-folding accordion fold, we can save you time and money with our cutting edge machine folding techniques, while guaranteeing that your direct mail campaign looks professional


No matter what type of finishing your direct mail piece needs, we can provide it including gluing and spot gluing to secure a look that is neat and professional every time

Intelligent Inserting

Our automated inserting capabilities represent faster and more cost-effective production for standard, large and mass mailing campaigns

Kit Assembly

You can be certain your hand-assembled custom kits and “pick & packs” will be created to your exact specifications, shipped worldwide, and delivered on time

Label Affixing

Intelligent, automated equipment allows us to affix labels to sheets, envelopes or catalogs economically, saving you time and resources


With access to over 50,000 square feet of warehouse space, together with our people, technology and processes, we can help you achieve scalable and flexible efficiencies

Match Mail

Match mailing dramatically increases the response rate to your marketing campaign when recipients letters are personalized with their first and last name, matching addressed envelops and other components


Pay the correct postage amount every time with postage metering, the smart solution that saves money while eliminating stamp and online postages hassles

Off-line & In-line Tabbing

Our professional mailing equipment allows you to focus on your business, while boosting your productivity with off-line and in-line production tabbing for every type of direct mail, marketing and general mail application needed


Our pressure seal technology lowers your cost of processing checks and machine mailing forms for small and medium businesses, schools, government offices, associations and organizations with distributed processes

Shrink Wrap

Dove Direct offers a variety of packaging options to put the perfect finishing touch on your project


Our high quality stamping solutions offer affordable choices when you need to reduce downtime and increase productivity